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Dark ambient _industrial_noise_Death Industrial_Orchestral,_Power Electronics_Neoclassical_martial_dark folk

LP Boy Dirt Car "Familia" (After Music)

Just released. American Industrial noise & rock. Ltd to 300


CD Boy Dirt CAr "Spoken Answer To A Silent Question" (After Music)

"In one of the most unlikely reunions of recent years, seminal Milwaukee noise group Boy Dirt Car announces the release of its first new recordings since 1988. Spoken Answer To A Silent Question brings together several original members -- co-founder Darren Brown, Keith Brammer and Dan Kubinski (Die Kreuzen), T.S. Wahlen and Dave Szolwinski -- and, consistent with Boy Dirt Car's classic revolving-door lineup, brings in several newcomers, including longtime Milwaukee mainstays Peder Hedman, Karl Paloucek and Jeff Hamilton. For much of the 1980s, Milwaukee was home to Boy Dirt Car's brooding sound. Influenced as much by Wisconsin's brutal winters and the dark tales of its North Woods as by any of their avant garde contemporaries, the group forged a sound different from other so-called 'industrial' bands of the day. As one reviewer once put it, 'Boy Dirt Car creates a sound not like being in a car crash, but of being under one.' Just as it cadged its industrial instrumentation from scrapyards and roadsides, BDC culled its members from across Milwaukee's vibrant music scene of the time, building up an intense following and a reputation as one of the city's most potentially hazardous acts. At the same time, the group recorded numerous (now-legendary) cassettes and LPs which, while escaping the ears of Rolling Stone, garnered them coverage in The Wall Street Journal, and -- even more unlikely -- from late advice columnist Ann Landers."


CD Darren Brown "Nonfiction" (After Music)

Boy Dirt Car member.


LP F/i + Boy Dirt Car "Split" (RRRecords)



7" Impact test "Presents Grimm's Faerie Tales"

Recorded and released in 1993. Rare

Deppresive industrial &noise rock.


LP Samuel Locke Ward + Darren Brown "From the privilege of the grave" (Grotto Records)

A collaborative effort between SAM LOCKE WARD & DARREN BROWN (BOY DIRT CAR, TEXXAR). A noise folk album recorded winter 2008 during a blizzard in Minneapolis. Features BOB BUCKO JR. (OLD PANTHER), JOSH MEAD (MANHORSE), RICK MCCOLLUM (AFGHAN WHIGS) and CHRIS FORD 9PETIT MAL).

Avant-garde_Contemporary_Electroacoustic_musique concrète_field recording_experimental_drone_abstract electronics_ambient_modern classical_dreamscape_turntables_cut-up

CD Maurizio Bianchi/Sparkle in grey "Nefe(Grey Sparkle)

In 2003 Maurizio Bianchi and Matteo Uggeri/Hue meet through Afe records; three years after Maurizio asked Hue for a musical collaboration, that grew up quickly until the design of a long term project called Between the Elements.
Nefelodhis album was then recorded in few days in a totally improvised session where Sparkle in Grey, the enseble of Alberto Carozzi (guitar, bass), Cristiano Lupo (piano, guitar, drums), Franz Krostopovic (violin) and Hue (laptop), played melancolic melodies on the mysterious analogic and a-rhytmical soundscapes provided by MB. The results of these sessions, recorded into the factory where Sparkle in Grey are used to have their rehearsal, was assembled and mixed by Hue himself.

The album is a desperate but dreamy picture in sounds of the concept of clouds (in greek 'Nefelodhis' means 'cloudiness') and, after the careful mastering of Giuseppe Ielasi, sounds like a trip through the wet lands made of vapour.

>>> This is the sister album of Erimos, by MB, Hue and Fhievel, and it's part of the Between the Elements quadrilogy.



CD Zbigniew Karkowski & Lin Zhiying "Switch" (

Musique électroacoustique bruitiste.

Recorded in Shenzhen-China, February 25 2006. Edited and mastered by Zbigniew Karkowski 2006. Design by: Wojtek Bednarski. For more information about recording session for this CD please see





CD Meerkat "Kapnos" (Afe records)


The music is excellent - a fine mixture of styles and interests from these guys. All the elements one would expect are there, the field recordings, drones, ambience, microscopic detailed sounds. Great stuff here." (Frans de Waard)
"Thus, we have an Italian supergroup of experimental musicians all under one banner." (Eskaton, Chain DLK)
"Seven crossed collaborations among the beautiful minds of the Italian experimental electronic scene" (Paolo Bertoni, Blow Up)
"A coherent and unitary suite of seven movements that tend to a sound [...] of unique beauty" (Vittore Baroni, Rumore)
"Another dimension to micro-tonal spacious electronic music" (Philippe Blache, Progarchives)



CD Daniel Menche "Animality"(

percussion and destruction. Recorded in the Summer of 2006 at House of Menche and mixed and mastered in the analog domain at Stereophonic Mastering.



LP Robert Piotrowicz/C.M. Von Hausswolff (Bocian records)

Limited 200 copies

A split album by two masters of 'loud drone music' with an entirely electronic background. Piotrowicz already surprised us with 'Lasting Clinamen' on CD (see review in Vital Weekly 621), and this is now continued with 'Clinamen 3', also recorded using analog modular synthesizer. He plays what seems a loud, looped drone (no doubt repeated within the machine), which is piercingly loud at the start, but just like his great CD, he knows how to create a subtle piece music after that. It grows and it grows with some great lingering intensity. More complex than the CD release, this is simply another great piece of music.

On the other side we find Carl Micheal von Hauswolff, who always impresses me with his conceptual approaches. The first of the two pieces was made for an installation using loops of sound corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. Some high pierced static sounds move over into a very low (but not silent) dark rumble. I guess there is some connection to colors and herz waves here, which I no doubt fail to see, but its surely a strange piece of music. The second piece has the sound of people talking and I am to believed, through the press text, that these voices are from the galleries in which the work was presented - faint traces are apparent. Like many other works of Von Hauswolff this leaves the listener puzzled behind, but you can simply also be amazed over the beautiful quality of the music. I did. I may not understand the concepts behind it, but I can see/hear the beauty of the works.

(–) Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly #742, 10.08.2010



2CD-R Quit Having fun "V/A" (Boring Machines)


"I have been passionate about doing mixtapes as a way to communicate with friends different feelings, musical passions or imaginary threads since I was a kid. I always thought compilations where ready-made manifesto which can describe a feeling, an idea, a thread between something.
This compilation is just a collection of tracks submitted by friends I’ve met during this years and the common thread could be the basic label’s aesthetics: quit having fun."