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CD AURA - Invisible Landscape (Valse Sinistre)

(AURA) is a Portuguese avantgarde musical project.

Invisible landscape is an imaginary soundtrack that traces
the story created by 10 pictures by the talented
Portuguese photographer, José Ramos.
It’s an experimental project that extends itself
through innumerous musical styles, from
Classical music to Post Rock, going through ambient, soundscapes,
industrial, field-recording, electronica, etc.

Special 12 pages superglossy booklet with extra-thick pages.
Limited to 500 copies.



CD Intravene "Flotation toy warning (Auf Abwegen)

Intravene is the collaborative project formed by Stephen Meixner (Contrastate, SRMeixner) and Steve Pittis (Band of Pain), and understandably enough this album incorporates elements of both individuals' acoustic domains. Field recordings, low-key drones and processed samples make up most of "Flotation Toy Warning" while some unexpected drum n' bass rhythms sneak their way in on rare occasions.


CD DEEP-PRESSION - 4: Void of a Morning (Valse sinistre)

The 4th full-length of this experimental combo is a huge step forward.
Based on a solid drone soundscape and ambient textures Deep-pression
incorporates elements of post-black metal, shoegaze, industrial,
electronic, dark ambient, noise and a whole lot of others.
Introspective and tormenting experimental drone dancing on the edge of madness!

CD edition in normal jewel case
Limited to 1000 copies.


    CD-R KOLDVOID / DEEP-PRESSION - Treasures from the Dead Seas (Valse Sinistre)

Collaboration between Romanian dark ambient KoldVoid and
Polish experimental act Deep-pression.
Around 40 minutes of deep dark ambiance & claustrophobic feelings!

Pro CDr limited to 100 copies.

CD MAAAA "Decay and demoralization" (Mind Flare Media)

Harsh noise

Our first, official release from this Polish noise duo.  This special CD contains six, ultra-rare tracks of harsh, atmospheric noise that almost makes you feel like they're right in the room with you creating it.  Interesting usages of power electronics and objects abound.  All of the material featured on this album has been out of print for years, originally released in extremely limited, 40-50 print CD-R runs in Russia.  Artwork has an excellent, hacked-punk look to it with absolutely dreadful scenery.  The swirling decay of dead fish and bodies on the front should give you an idea of what you're in for.


CD Reductio Ad Absurdum "Cobmexkactpaunr" (Provoloka)

Harsh noise


CD SOUFFERANCE, VISION - Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The Mind (Valse Sinistre)

SOUFFERANCE, VISION is the fantastic & visionary debut
from a young Quebecois artist, named Peine, also known
from the shoegaze / ambient entity Vision Éternel.

Avant-garde & dark ambient, experimental soundscapes &
psycho-acoustic passages into one concept album.
A travel into the human mind, a travel into the subconscious,
a travel into the world beyond our senses.

Visually presented in a special package:
A5 sized deluxe digipack + inside booklet
and a breathtaking artwork made by Twilight13Media.

A must for fans of Desiderii Marginis, Beyond Sensory Experience, Northaunt.



CD-R Svart 1 "Non tutto ciò che tace è morto"(Valse Sinistre)

The sound of Svart1 (Cagliari, Italy) is a very impulsive
mixture of rich and sometimes dense dark ambient &
abstract analogue noises, often unexpected soundscapes,
but at the same time it goes into warm and nice atmospheres.
Only and irreplaceable quality of the plan svart1 is that one
of the passion for the sounds and the video art.

Minimal movements and rhythms that evolve into a dreamy trance
work, purely dark ambient is accompanied by also a video track
underlining the new path "natural."

Svart1 is recommended to all fans of Northaunt, Kammarheit,
Atrium Carceri, Brian Eno, etc.

Pro CDr with pro glossy booklet + video track.



LP Texar/Maria Askatu "The unfortunate Rake (After Music Recordings)

LImited to 150 copies

Musique industrielle proche de Boy Dirt Car


CD Torturing Nurse "Il Comunismo doveva morire" (Mind Flare Media)

il comunismo doveva morire is Torturing Nurse's first Mind Flare Media release.  Absolutely devastating, this album is one single track running almost an hour and fourteen minutes long.  The band suddenly breaks in from nowhere and immediately begins an assault on your ears, suddenly switching and transitioning to a variety of different power electronics landscapes.  The artwork sums it up well, a symbolic representation of a dead politicial system.  The back features similar art taken from famous propaganda and manipulated, ending with more political imagery inside and a CD that rests upon a pile of skulls.  Without a doubt the harshest thing these guys have ever done.  This stuff is powerful and not for the faint of hearing.


CD Troum "Ljubimaya/Daur" (Abgurd)

Atmosphérique sombre/Dark ambient


CD VELEHENTOR - 'From The Gloom Of Graves: Stonewells Of Æternity' (Desolate Catacombs Of Smersh)

Very gloomy dark ambience, with sad and melancholic tunes in the way of Raison D'Etre or Svartsinn. Velehentor (aka 121 from Closing The Eternity) also uses spoken words, slow percussive elements and guitar, and thus creates his very own vision and style. "Classic Dark Ambient: cold echo of unknown rituals straying in the pitch darkness of resonant stone labyrinths. Paranoiac trance induced by the feeling of lifeless presence in the crypts that breathe with dead moisture. Glacial serenity of indifferent doom". Ltd x 460 copies in a black digipak with spot varnishing. Russian import. Highly recommended!


Avant-garde_Contemporary_Electroacoustic_musique concrète_field recording_experimental_drone_abstract electronics_ambient_modern classical_dreamscape_turntables_cut-up

CD Mitsuru 'Tabata "Mankind' Spree" (Fourth Dimension)

'Mankind Spree' is the latest solo album by Tabata Mitsuru (Acid Mothers Temple, Zeni Geva, etc.), which is every bit as good as one may expect from an artist who has the power and vision to soundtrack time folding in on itself whilst simultaneously pushing the psychedelic envelope into realms where melodies, static white crackle and overflowing rivers of electronics converge like the very points where sanity opens its welcoming hands to madness. Featuring several guests, including Acid Mothers Temple's synthe sizer player, Higashi Hirosh, 'Mankind Spree' comprises seven cuts that cough 'n' splutter over angular rhythms, suck up noise as colourful and beautiful as a perfect rainbow, hit back with some melodic scree and never stray too far from Tabata's keen ear for those rather more avant-strained sensibilities. Similar to Finland's magnificent Circle before him, Tabata's relationship with Fourth Dimension commenced with the release of a now long out of print limited edition 7" single in 1996. 'Children of Woods'. It is good to have him back for this album. Released in May 2010



LP Aaron Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman - "PSYCHOPHAGI " (Pilgrim Talk)

Musique électroacoustique instrumentale/ improvisation expérimentale.

Edition limitée à 118 copies


7" David Russell - Architecture  7" lathe (Pilgrim Talk)

Limited 50 copies. Loops/Collage

What is it? No no no no no no no no no...
11 of David's most potent loops (including one using sounds from Lake Erie[!]) emanating from the foggy lathe cut grooves.  Some tracks pulled from out of print tapes, plus a couple newbies.  In short, the loop maestro's greatest hits all packed on to one 7-inch.
**Cut by Peter King**


Avant-rock_post-rock_krautrock_math-rock_free improvisation_heavy-rock_Urban folk_

CD Comparative Anatomy "Mammalia" (Mind Flare Media)

Jazzcore plein d'humour dans l'espritPainkiller/John Zorn.

First official, full-length release from this odd drum and bass duo.  CD features ten mammal-obsessed tracks running over forty minutes.  Filled with pure bass soundscapes, tons of effects, hilarious pop-culture references, ghettotech sampling, drum programming that will make your head spin, and the band's well-known usage of source recordings of animals in place of vocals.  The cover says it all, mammal domination at the hands of this bass-wielding pair.