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May 2011


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CD  @C " 0º-100º" (Monochrome vision)

Musique concrète et électroacoustique

The new album of this portuguese duo (consisting of Cronica label owner Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) is the long electroacoustic composition, which demonstrates the full range of soundprocessing diversity and creates the stunning images of great potential.





CD Maurizio Bianchi - Apokalypsis XXIII (nitkie)

In August 2010, Maurizio Bianchi officially announced his retirement from musical scene. "Apokalypsis XXIII" is his last ever electronic music album, recorded in Summer of 2010. All the latest albums appeared after that are in fact re-issues of older works or the collaborations with other artists using his sound sources. Like other solo albums of Maurizio Bianchi, "Apokalypsis XXIII" has religious roots and consists of four long tracks, each of those divided into further sections titled after verses taken from "Book of Revelation", the most mysterious and most scary part of New Testament. Many artists found the inspiration around these themes, apocalyptical images were used by painters and sculptors during the crisis periods of mankind history: Middle Ages, Renascence, end of XIX century etc. Hopefully, this album will drive attention to the world around us, and especially if keeping in mind the most recent accidents and disasters, these days it becomes more actual than ever. Comes in golden foil embossed cover.





CD Karl Bösmann " Euphoria Mitte"(Monochrome Vision)

With the whole bunch of very limited edition releases on such labels as Tosom, Domestic Violence Recordings, Verato Project and the luxurious LP made by Youdonthavetocallitmusic, the name of german musician Karl Bösmann is emerging since 2003. This is his second real CD after "Unton" (2005, Badbeatz Records) and includes several new compositions, showing the maturity and intensity of his prolific talent.






Last week we reviewed in these pages a CD by Igor Potsukaylo, who is otherwise known as Bardoseneticcube. His works can be easily classified as drone music, so its quite a surprise to find a CD of him together with Philippe Blanchard, otherwise known as Lieutenant Caramel. Perhaps not the most active composer in the field of musique concrete, but with a distinct style of his own. Long sustaining sounds versus cut-up: how does that work out? Actually quite nice. I had my doubts about it, despite liking what both do in their own field, but these nine compositions tie both ends together in a nice way. Its hard to say who does what here, which I guess is a compliment. There are lots of electro-acoustic sounds, from either field recordings as well as objects, which are chopped up, but also looped around to retain that sustaining drone like character. I must admit that my attention faded a bit after a while. I thought that seventy-two minutes of this kind of demanding musique concrete was
all a bit too much to take in at once. The whole second piece, track nine on the CD, lasting twenty-four minutes is were I dropped out. Otherwise, in smaller doses, a great CD. (FdW/Vital weekly)






CD  The Oval Language "Tapes Singles and Remixes"(Monochrome vision)

This first CD album presents the old tracks restored from tapes, as well as exclusive remixes made by Guido Hübner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe). It's a wonderful excursion into the world of underground noise music which is sometimes extreme but always interesting and unpredictable. Thi is a very special appearance in our personal music research, and is a real discovery for all the fans of the experimental music genre.





CD Tomas Phillips & Luigi Turra - Vignettes Amplifiè (Nitkie)

The first ever collaboration between prolific american composer Tomas Phillips and prominent italian newcomer Luigi Turra, "Vignettes Amplifie" presents a sequence of subtle sound constructions characterized by minimalistic and contemplative approach. Quiet field recordings, soft acoustic sounds and organic electronic arrangements builds panoramic view on two levels. The acoustic gestures like bells, manipulated objects and drone fragments are coming from silence and disappearing after some time. On the other hand, there is a kind of reflection of these sonic events in the background, muted and abstracted, hiding from your ears. But these microscopic sounds, short and forgetful, seems to be the main part of the whole thing - when you are trying to trace them down, to catch your attention, and to understand the aesthetical value of this music. Shy and confused, these sounds represents the soul of this music, but in fact they are just grow and fade away like the autumn rain. This album will teach you how to turn your mind into ears, hunting for every little susurration in total silence.






2CD  Various Artists Russolo Contest 2010  XXXII° concorso internazionale di musica elettroacustica e rumore (Monochrome Vision)

In March 2010, Le Bruit De La Neige Festival organized the annual Luigi Russolo - Rossana Maggia Competition at the Faverges Soierie. The aim was to promote the electroacoustic music of young composers (under 35 years old). 60 composers from 28 countries participated in this contest. We selected 15 pieces received the maximum votes.