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CD DISSECTING TABLE "Chaos Attractor" (r.o.n.f.records)

After the introduction to "Chaos Attractor" in the form of that 3inch Mini-CDr released 5 months ago in June 2010 we finally can offer the full length CD on R.O.N.F. Records, a great and amazing latest work of Ichiro Tsuji a.k.a. DISSECTING TABLE recorded late 2009 and running for 49 minutes. "Chaos Attractor" was released by Ichiro Tsuji on his own label UPD Organization but only 10 copies were pressed and quickly distributed.

Frenzy, chaotic, dynamic multilayered distorted synths, rich in textures Noise with Industrial influences. One massive complex long track consisting of what could have been 12 different tracks. Most of the CD is dealing with the DT's noise style which is expected, with lots of variations spiced with 2 pseudo-metal doom pieces, 2 phychedelic ambient passages, effected vocals and madness. Totally recommended monumental work.

Real factory pressed CD packaged in full colour sealed cardboard sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.
1 track / 49 minutes Length.



CD JOB KARMA: Punkt (Obuh Records)

Here is a new album of JOB KARMA. Those brave and indefatigable proponents of post-industrial tradition are forging 8 graceful and wickedly melodic "film" pieces, which seem to create the perfect soundtrack to the apocalyptic tapeworm swallowing slowly us all. Escape from ... but where? Giant Leviathan's mechanical guts are the same everywhere. Cosmos serves more gloomy greaves coming from the frighteningly distant galactic areas, black holes are bigger and bigger. But do not despair. Choking and vomiting its own greatness, Machine For Grinding & Forcing Minds (terrible MFGFM) stutters and breaks more often. Somewhere in the system bowels a new Snake Plissken is born. The fight continues. As always. And I recommend the most sensational album of  2010 spring. Hidden in the triple foldout digipack with phenomenal graphics from Arek Baginski.

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CD India CZAJKOWSKA/Richard LATECKI/Maciej CIERLINSKI: Mermago (Obuh Records)

3 recordings of acoustic improvised music for voice, flute, drum, trumpet, harmonium, piano and hurdy-gurdy from Polish artists who are more and more active on the ground of non-mainstream, modern and experimental music. "Mermago" bears marks of something special. Every sound of  this precisely woven music seems to resonate in the right place and time. Where personal passion  meets humble exploring the realm of spirit. Oppressed brain may slow down. And free up. In Mermago world everything happens naturally.  For where two or three gather in my name, there am I among them. Book says. And it's hard to deny. Even if his name remains unspoken, or even conceived. 


2CD LATERNA: Lato (Obuh Records)

After LATERNA winter seesion released on a first vinyl album (OBUH, V26) we have revealed material from the summer session which took place in Rogalow Analogowy in 2005. In their usual iron line-up: Ryszard LATECKI -  Indian harmonium, trumpet,  harmonium, conch, semi-fretless acoustic guitar called latara , Gintautas GASCEVICIUS - percussion, Bartek PA£YGA -   cello, harmonium, throat singing, Tibetan pipe  and Tadeusz WIELECKI: double bass. LATERNA shows here rare ability of creating surprisingly matured and concrete compositions. Among them two pieces  („ Latecki's Blade” i „Variations With a Razor”) were inspired by minimal music of Steve REICH. LATERNA plays flowery minimal melodies,  dervish rhythms and contemporary improvised harmonies smelling like pears.  We may hear some oriental, no drugs psychedelia and contemporary music influences. Everything is taken live, acoustic and with no overdubs in Rogalow Analogowy studio with an use of classic vintage tube equipment. So sound is natural and very musical. Released on two compact discs with analog quality in multi-fold out  cover. Shortly speaking.




CD Mike Vernusky "Music for Film and Electro-Theatre" (Quiet Design)

Quiet design presents a new release by composer and sound artist Mike Vernusky, Music for Film and Electro-Theatre. Handcrafted, cinematic textures of noise and acousmatic sound composed for experimental films and live actors with electronic sound. Whereas Vernusky's previous effort, Blood consisted primarily of acoustic and electroacoustic works, this one inhabits a wider sonic spectrum: from remote field recordings and live actors to disintegrating noise, operatic singers and modern mythological archetypes. 

Molding sounds like a sculptor, Vernusky provides an alternative mode of communicating his musical language. By employing disruptive devices that puncture listener perceptions, his works become inherently ephemeral and dramatically beautiful. Intense.

'Mike Vernusky succeeds beautifully in combining genres, using the evocative power of music to createa subtle and amazing electroacoustic atmosphere.'  - Ethereal Webzine



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LP+CD-R+DVD-R Katapulto - Pralines Of Doom (Onec Records)

Pop électronique dans la lignée 80's.

7 track lathe cut 12" clear vinyl, with DVD, CD version of album with a bonus track, lyric booklet and all packaged in a matt black pizza box with hand finished paint sprayed stencil. Number 3 in our series of records that come in a pizza box, first edition limited to 25.

"Pralines of Doom is for now the sunniest moment in these dark days."
Vital Weekly #758

"Pralines of Doom is the third release from Poland’s Katapulto and is an intriguing blend of 80′s electro and Ian Curtis vocals with hints of The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barrett taking his music more seriously but still smiling."

"Poland’s Katapulto makes crazy upbeat spastic pop music. The array of sounds blends together so wonderfully, and unlike a lot of electronic music Katapulto steers clear of redundant repetitions. His songs are very colourful with references to early 90’s dance music, 80’s hip hop and tropical cabana sounds. I could see this guy making the music for Pee-Wee’s playhouse



LP Neil Rose "Wilbur Whateley / Psychopomps" (Onec Records)

5 track 12" 180gm black vinyl, gatefold sleeve, printed inner bag, limited x 250.

Dark electronics/minimal pulse/organic industrial/RECOMMENDED

"Neil Rose, a Plymouth-based avant-gardener, has produced a debut album inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, a premise that could so easily fall into an abyss of pretention and boredom. Thankfully, that's not the case. Rose's voice is muzzled by distortion, forcing the listener to lean in and listen to his expansive soliloquies more intently, whilst the music is a glitchy haze of muffled kick drums and abstract hisses. Whilst, save the odd moment, it's hardly a danceable album, its appeal lies in its eerie imitation of the sounds of everyday life. A quietly arresting experience." Rock-A-Rolla Issue 23

"The gathering energy of Yog Sothoth hit me the hardest, and it was the oncoming need to dance that I found devastating-if Tolkien's Belroc was a DJ, he'd play this. Dunwich is the most challenging track, I felt like I was being beaten around the head with a bit of two by two, followed by a bit of whipping and a quick strangulation." Dan Sidey

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LP MAGIC CARPATHIANS: Euscorpius Carpathicus (Obuh Records)

Grand psychedeliosa from one of the most interesting Eastern projects. From dreamy, visionary "Fat Moon", through climbing the walls of acoustic-electric noise at "Amp Ass", till energetic, pulsing from cosmic electronics bubbles "Fishyfish". Recorded at our new vintage studio with old electronics weirdo Wojcek from ZSG . As thick milk and a must. Analog version in a completely different super solid cover reminding classic vinyls of the 50's and early 60's. Sounding deeper and far more spacious (in audiophile sense). Limited to 350 copies either. Very last copies.



LPJerzy MILIAN: Milianalia- Free Conversations With Myself (Obuh Records)

New album from outstanding  jazzy composer and vibraphonist presenting intimate face of the artist – on the one hand incorrect lyrist, on the other indefatigable joker and improvising experimentalist.  You may hear here 60’s modern jazz spirit, usual for Milian Middle and Far East influences, lots of airy vibes. Recorded in our studio on classic tube equipment from the golden analog era. Limited to 350 numbered copies in solid, black and white, laminated covers.




CD MORE EXPERIENCE: From Acid Dreams (Obuh Records)

From flowery psychedelic songs to long hallucinating, heavy trips and acid guitar fireworks sounding like a lost diamond of 67' Autumn of Love. Old analog sound and cover. Blows  hippie mind if there are still any around…



CD ORANŻADA: Samsara (Obuh Records)

Mad 2010 Winter  brings us the third album of ORANZADA (what means in English ORANGEADE) who sculpts its own face in the refractory soil of native underground.  This time all the sings show they have finally broken to the other side. Since now their style with stigma of Mazovia melancholy and reverb sauces will be called orangeadic psychedelia. Influences hunters easily track down huge Kraut-rock footprints , immortal stories from the planet Gong and frantic turnovers of a Saucerful of Secrets, but it not hurts anyone anymore. This is orangeade with its own taste and colour. To drink a lot..



10" The Rooftop Gambler - Turned Out The Light (Onec Records)

4 track 10" yellow vinyl, with insert, limited to 300 copies.

" These four songs take their time to reel you in but never fail to impress with their incrediable melodic focus and wistful dreaminess. Final track 'Leaning Tree' in particular wraps things up in a tight little package, its choruses providing the country-tinged sucker punch to this surprisingly knockout debut effort." Rock-A-Rolla Issue 24

"Four track ten incher on heavyweight lemon yellow vinyl, a proper record, a proper release, something to grab hold of (nice artwork, work of Clare Owen). They’re from Plymouth, a refined sound, wistful stories, a sense of loungecore, a touch of Americana, raw and slightly lo-fi with a Sebadoh/Albini, or maybe more solo Lou Barlow. Four good songs, nice package, nice to see/feel/handle/play... Fine fine single, and they saved their best song ‘till last, track four, Leaning Tree." Organ Magazine




CD WARSZAWSKA JESIONKA: Podroz do umyslu Boga (Obuh Records)

Hermetic, improvised music for acoustic instruments. Subtle soundscapes, atonal webs, free meditations (AMM).




 After 12 years since releasing “Music The World Does Not See” the new album over the 7th mountain is born. As usually Za Siodma Gora balances in its own way on a borderland of folk, psychedelia, minimal and experimental music revealing 10 original songs the world does not see. Generated by mostly acoustic instruments backed up by some vintage electronics with absolutely ANALOG attitude. With no irony or cynism, warm, simple and sincere emission to strengthen your heart among bright darkness of the media world. For all ramblers of imagination, sense researchers and Sunday daydreamers. For all who care. Among invited musicans we got here Remek Hanaj (ex-KSIEZYC) on hurdy-gurdy, Ryszard Latecki (LATERNA) on trumpet, Kuba Suchar on drums (ex-ROBOTOBIBOK), Maciej Rodakowski on saxophone (NACZYNIA), Jacek Wasowski on acoustic guitar and Andrzej Zaleski  on drums. Hi-fidelity, analog recordings taken in our vintage, vaccum-tube based gear studio Rogalow Analogowy and transferred  to digital world preserving analog inner space and musicality to unheard before degree. 180 g vinyl pressed in German Pallas (one of the best pressing plants on Earth) is coming in a gatefold cover printed through hi-resolution, full color screenprinting with 12 pages booklet. CD is coming in digipack with 16-pages booklet..