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April 2011


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CD Accomplice Affair "Cienie" (mhm)

This is 4th album of polish dark ambient project. This album is continuation of music ideas from previous “Samotny horyzont" album.
The album contains more experimental guitar sounds and mysterious voices. Music from this album gets of listeners to solitary and darkness lands. This music is cold and darkness, profounds and emotionals. Two songs were recorded together with Marek Styczynski (The Magic Carpathians, Cyber Totem). He created sounds with an old experimental instruments (cytra fidola).
Over 50 minutes of music for fans who like experimental sounds! One song from coming album is available on website of band in music section.





LP Boy Dirt Car/Andy Gallagher "Treacherous Young Witches Split" (After Music rec.)

BOY DIRT CAR has got the drift again with their textural affair with layers of echoing and twisting noises, guitar undercurrents, razor'd electro interruptions and erosions. Their twenty-minute, bounce-heavy, clanking rhythm-bed, with touches of marimba, fused with found sounds, is organic as a kitten and possessed as the Oracle's mono-toned pronouncements. On the flip, ANDY GALLAGHER enlists the help of MIKE WATT (MINUTEMEN), MIKE HOFFMAN, STEVE SUMMERS and GRAHAM BROWN for four songs. The instantly memorable opener "Should've Stayed in Bed" is reminiscent of a melancholy Grant Hart and won't leave your memory anytime soon. If you're into Dinosaur Jr, and Sebadoh. Gallagher has you covered. Original artwork from JOSH MEAD and ASTRID YOUNG (Neil's sister). Edition of 300.




LP Peter J Woods "Songs for Nothing" (After Music rec.)

Musique industrielle proche de Boy dirt Car.

A soundtrack for the end of civilization, written for those who can only watch it happen on Youtube with the camera miles away. "Songs for Nothing" is something of a capstone in Woods' musical trajectory, combining the atmosphere of "Creation Death Machine," the creeping walls of "Fairweather Mask" and various textural elements that showed up on the 7"s, tapes and cdrs inbetween. Overall, though, this record finds Woods' in his most powerful form to date, losing a minimal amount of past experimentations to make way for a more straight forward, pissed off approach. Crashing pianos, broken electronics, a variety of different vocal styles, synth swells and field reocrdings combine with a thematic push focused on chronicling the trajectory of the world and our inability to control it. This is a record about screaming truth to power in a sound proof room.

For a sample track, please visit


Avant-garde_Contemporary_Electroacoustic_musique concrète_field recording_experimental_drone_abstract electronics_ambient_modern classical_dreamscape_turntables_cut-up

CD Koji Asano "Galaxies" (solstice)

Field recording/ambient

After several seasons of non-release , Koji Asano released the 44th full CD album. 60 minutes track with natural sounds including rain and insects...




LP “A truly puzzling listen is Scott Haggart’s 1:17 v/a (DISKONO 017)

released on the Scots label Diskono. A number of international talents – including Felix Kubin, EVOL, Lary Seven and Jan van den Dobbelsteen – have leapt forth to produce remixes and edits of a small fragment of sound generated by Mr Haggart during a 2000 performance for Diskono. When people speak of an ‘original edit psychotopologically derived’, as they do here, I admit defeat in short order – even if statements like this are intended as tongue in cheek. The results – if we are indeed talking about results – have been pressed onto a black vinyl. Apply stylus to grooves hereon, if you can find them – sometimes said grooves are positioned in unusual parts of the disc – and you’re pretty much on your own from that point. I hear minimal scratches, glicks and blatches which are more like the ghost of minimal techno than its more substantial, living counterpart; and I hear shapeless, abrasive noises much like the patterings of two hamsters which have somehow gotten trapped in a polystyrene box. Nothing really starts or finishes among these formless effusions. I expect it’s all a very marginal exercise in processing and re-processing. Also in the package were a cheery Christmas greeting from the label boss, and copies of DISKONO 015 and DISKONO 016, both of which are pressed in clear vinyl and arrive with identical label artworks, but no other information whatsoever. They may be some years old already. 015 is a 12-incher and 016 is a seven-incher, but beyond that I remain clueless.” - Ed Pinset, Sound Projector (Magazine / Resonance FM Radio Show), 11-01-08






CD Hannis Brown "severe insomnia" (Lumberton trading company)

The second album by this NYC-based composer/songwriter/improviser/electro-acoustic artist, whose eleven pieces here not only absorb the free jazz of his beloved Charles Mingus but also the micro-tonal orchestral work of Ligeti and Penderecki, and Edgar Varese's forays into spatial electro-acoustic soundworlds of a highly personal and some might argue traumatic disposition. As with the debut, Oh Ee Ah, Hannis Brown's music winds itself around those contours impossible to pin down to any one thing beyond that line between insanity and genius. Limited to 500





LP Historische Aufnahmen / Historical Recordings Vol I (Gagarin records)

With almost universal access to the internet and the rise of the online archive it may appear that the entire history of recorded sound is only a few mouse clicks away.  However, the 2008 discovery in a Paris archive of a phonautograph recording of Au Clair de Lune from 1860 demonstrated that fragile treasures remain to be discovered by the dedicated explorer.

Felix Kubin has spent the last 5 years investigating, tracking down and collecting a stunning selection of hitherto neglected recordings from archives and private collections. With an eye for the antique curiosity, and an ear for the curious dusty beauty of abandoned transmissions from the past, he is now proud to present this first collection of historical recordings.

The recordings presented here offer many and diverse pleasures from the analogue realm. Amongst the jewels offered are chronicles of eccentric machines, alleged occult occurences on telephone exchanges, drunken whalers, marine plankton, music hall entertainers, Nazi attempts to play proto-synthesizers, uncategorisable oddities, and lost documents by originators of the avant-garde.

This deluxe vinyl only edition is presented in lavish packaging including a booklet which contains an essay by Felix Kubin, extensive notes on each track and illustrations.







This latest project by the Hamburg-based musician, composer, and futurist, Felix Kubin, (his second release on Dekorder) is a collaboration with the contemporary music chamber group, ensemble Intégrales, and the reknowned German underground pop producer and sound engineer, Tobias Levin.

Echohaus was recorded in and around Levin's Electric Avenue studio in the basement of WESTWERK, a former squat and cultural centre for non-commercial art and music in Hamburg.  A special recording technique was developed for the project whereby the musicians played simultaneously in separate rooms, connected to one and other only by headphones. This was done in order to achieve a lively,“cinematic" sound that made use of the particular dynamics of the rooms and amplified mechanical details. The rooms, each of which had a different acoustic character, were used as natural echo chambers. Kubin and the composer Burkhard Friedrich, former member of ensemble Intégrales, provided the musicians with simple graphic scores or basic descriptions of the compositions; all subsequent material was developed on the fly. Kubin was in the mixing room giving instructions and suggestions, while the musicians played and improvised, adding their own ideas to the project.

No artificial reverb or effects were added to the recordings. The different types of rooms and microphones, noises inside and outside of the studio, as well as the unusual interrelationship between the physically isolated players became part of the process. All the tracks were recorded in one take without any additional layers or track-by-track recordings. After a five-day recording session Kubin and Levin created various mixes which Kubin then edited over a period of several months.

The final results mark yet another radical departure from Kubin's trademark Sci-Fi Pop sound, blending the aesthetics of academic contemporary music, film soundtracks and improvised music with a strong focus on room-specific natural acoustics.



2CD Zsolt Sores' Ahad's Master's Garden III (2007 - 2009): The Harmonian Blues 1 and 2 (Fourth Dimension)

Zsolt Sores' Ahad's Master's Garden III (2007 - 2009): The Harmonian Blues 1 and 2 2CD, joint-released by Fourth Dimension and AudioTONG. These two discs capture Budapest's prolific and versatile musician, Zsolt Sores, in a fully tranced-out fug that draws not only from his background in rock music but also his strong leanings towards the avant-garde and improvisation partly formed by being classically-trained yet never content to remain as such. In turn, we are treated to some near-mystical and transcendental journeys through a contemporary psychedelia at once recalling Taj Mahal Travellers and the spaceward-bound forays of early Pink Floyd and Can as well as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock with their grizzled Dadaism and Lee Ranaldo's expansive and drone-bound guitar textures. Inspired by Fourier's Harmonian Opera and several quotations by Hakim Bey, Sores' has here created an album that resonates with depth of a nature rarely found these days. In special full colour gatefold packaging and limited to 300, this can now be ordered via the Catalogue.




Electronica _click'n cut _idm_minimal techno_glitch_abstract dub_

CD Michel Banabila "The latest research from the department of electrical engineering (Audio Tong)


Hereby a new Banabila album,'The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering'. Sources of inspiration include themes like electricity, the work of Nicolai Tesla, and the world of cybergames.

Some of the recordings arose from earlier mix-versions of these tracks, originally made for the dance performance ZOUT, by Conny Janssen Danst & Anne Soldaat.

This time unlike previous Banabila albums, there is very little of the so-called 'world music', voice samples or jazz influences, but instead a mainly electronic angle, with a special contribution on the long intro of track 6, 'More Signals From KrakRot', by sound-artist/performer Zenial (AudioTong, Vivo Records).

This CD comes in a limited edition of 300 copies, comprising 40 minutes over 8 track