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CD-R an on bast = happy-go-lucky (etalabel)

The idea to follow a particular sound and to be chosen by it not to choose is one of the principles of composing. What's most important, is a very delicate process during which a music-maker allows the sound itself to determine the way it is played. Result: soundscapes, clicky/glichy drums and text spoken, no vocals, no guitars. It's all mixed with Henri Bergson's metaphysics, literature of Hermann Hesse, music by Autechre and Mozart



CD A WAKE A WEEK - 'Little Black Cloud' (spectraliquid)

A Wake A Week...do we never tire of these endless reruns of our grief? With this debut release from his new project, Dave Dando-Moore (Detritus) offers us an intensely composed symphony of unending sorrow. If Detritus is the debris of emotion, A Wake A Week is the tar-black residue still clinging like a parasite, clawing away at old wounds. Drawing comparisons with Max Richter, Deaf Centre, Johann Johannsson and The Protagonist, A Wake A Week will evoke cathartic exorcisms of woe in even the most glacial of hearts.



CD az-rotator = science of chance (ad noiseam)

The debut album by Spanish sensation AZ-Rotator is a detailed-to-the-bone combination of fractal beats, beautiful harmonies and abrupt breaks. Constantly on the move, these tracks are the result of a careful digital trickery, pushing the envelope of what can be re-invented with complex electronic music, and how tasty it can be. “Science of chance” is an album of uncommon beauty, paired with a masterful sense for electronic composition.



CD Beehatch - Beehatch ( Lens Records)

BEEHATCH is the new project from Phil Western and Mark Spybey, who met in Vancouver, whilst playing together in Download. Ten years have elapsed since they last worked together. During that time, Phil has released a number of solo and collaborative albums and has continued to work as part of both Download and platEAU (w/ cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy fame). He is also a producer and DJ. Mark has continued to release albums as Dead Voices on Air, Reformed Faction (a band formed with fellow Zoviet*France members) and has collaborated with many musicians, including members of Can and Faust. BEEHATCH was initiated as the result of a “shall we make an album together” chat on the telephone. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and England via internet file sharing. Far from being an impersonal way of making music, this technique has liberated the approach to the making of this album. Gone are the days of being locked in an expensive and often creatively dead studio-space. The musicians were able to make music at leisure, in familiar environments. Phil and Mark have developed similarities in an approach to music making but in essence, Phil emerged smiling from the generation electronic and Mark slowly crept out of the distant days of four tracks and homemade instruments. Both are seasoned improvisers who started life as drummers and tend to ignore as many of the so-called ‘rules of music making’ as possible. Nothing is clear. Everything is possible. Accidents are encouraged. This CD is packaged in a 6-panel digipak with original artwork by Mark Spybey. Audio mastering courtesy of Frankie Pett.



CD Beehatch - Brood (Lens Records)

Lens Records is very proud to work with BEEHATCH again for their second release of 2008, "Brood." Their self-titled debut, released in April 2008, was hailed as a "killer" capable of "surpassing all trends and musical phases" and a "totally wonderful aural experience." BEEHATCH started work on Brood just weeks after the release of their debut CD. Not surprisingly, Brood refines the "fully fledged sonic odyssey" of their debut and presents 11 tracks that see the band continuing to expand, explore and experiment with their unique fingerprint.
"Brood is like the dust that blows through the evening desert." - David Flick
Brood is packaged in a custom designed matte-white card sleeve format containing 4 collectible art cards featuring original artwork from Mark Spybey and Mark Nugent. Audio mastering courtesy of Frankie Pett. This release will only be available in a limited edition quantity of 1000 copies.



CD-R The Best Of Polish Smooth Jazz ...Ever!  (Recycling Records)

20 anonymous polish artist smashes 20 polish top hits transforming pop s**t into modern avantgarde music. The idea of plunderphonics is here expanded from just messing with bits and pieces of original tracks to creating some good music from unpleasant pop sounds. So except mashups you get some breakcore, ambient, digital hardcore, noise and many other unclassified forms. Your mom won't like it.


CD Broken Line Remixes "Various artists" (zang:records)

Featuring: Sindre Bjerga, QRT, Jan-M Iversen, Anders Gjerde, HOH, Pål Asle Pettersen

Remixes of Nils Henrik Asheim's "Broken Line". Recorded by the Vertavo String Quartet The remixes where performed live for the release of "Broken Line" at Tou Scene the 17th of March. Remixed by Sindre Bjerga, QRT, Jan-M Iversen, Anders Gjerde, HOH, Pål Asle Pettersen



CDep CARDOPUSHER - 'Mutant Dubstep vol.2' (spectraliquid)

Luis Garban aka Cardopusher has been releasing a serious number of records these past couple years for labels such as Ad Noiseam, Peace-off, Intellectual Violence, Mirex, Cock Rock Disco & Wrong Music, Terminal Dusk and more. Now, Cardopusher returns with a blasting new EP on Spectraliquid Records, the sequel to "Mutant Dubstep vol.1" by UK's Ebola. What you should expect from "Mutant Dubstep vol.2" is 3 brand new sonic tracks, evolving around dubstep, hard electronics and breakcore explosions produced by the mastermind himself.




LP DAO + COH = Dzerzhinsk-9 (Tourette)

On connait Coh comme participant à l'equipe Raster Noton. Il a également collaboré avec des membres de Throbbing Gristle. Le résultat est assez surprenant. Une sorte d'électronique groove avec guitares psyché et manipulations électronique/Une sorte de mix entre Throbbing Gristle, Jack Danger et la musique industrielle électronique des 90's.

Russia has had an incredibly interesting and mostly uncredited underground electronic scene for some time. One of its flag bearers has been Ivan Pavlov who has been a longtime contributor to Raster-Noton as well as running the obscure Wavetrap label. He has collaborated with Cosey Fanny Tutti and currently works with other Throbbing Gristle member Peter Christopherson as Soi Song. The LP I’m currently listening to is called DZERZHINSK-9 and is pulled from 1996 recordings which were made with DAO which is Andrej Dao Kolesov. DAO + CoH uses bass, guitars and custom ZX Spectrum and the results are pretty damn awesome. The beats are really energizing while the bass comes through like Jack Dangers in fine form. There is a distinct 90‘s flavour and yet it retains a freshness. ‘Propharadeia’ is a really driving track that makes me shake my body from finger to toe. ‘Oka’ is dark and sinister coming through like an Autechre/Muslimgauze hybrid, seething with eastern paranoia. ‘Sung In Sand' continues the eastern flavour with its building intricate yet subtle percussion and swooping synths. Out on Tourette records. Great stuff! [Review by Normanrecords]



CD Delicate Noise "diversion" (Lens Records)

Diversion is the debut release from Chicago's own Delicate Noise. Layered, plodding backbeats and textured synth washes and a human voice all blend together to create a diverse form of electronica. Mark's musical influences are evident as well - Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Air and Recoil - all mesh to form an interesting blend of electronic music that is engaging, lyrical and atmospheric. With tracks featured on both CMJ's NMM and Magnet Magazine's promotional CD's, Delicate Noise is sure to catch the ears of many fans across the country.


CD Delicate Noise - Filmezza (Lens Records)

Delicate Noise returns with their second CD - Filmezza - an honest, optimistic and weighted electronica record. The album unfolds like the telling of a dream - warm and sentimental songs wash in and out with lullaby-like melodies, augmented with disembodied voices of children playing. "Butterfly Envy" acknowledges a Boards of Canada influence with a haunting and emotional sound evoking an image of old home movies. "Roundlake Beach" continues the theme while adding a feeling of dusk and darkness falling. A slow motion wave of disorientation populates "We Like Mercury" - the sound of crickets interrupted with pregnant pauses add to the subtle unhinging sensation. Periods of longing and reflection shimmer over the title track looking for a sense of forgiveness. Delicate Noise eloquently phrases personal, thought-provoking, emotional questions with a satisfying richness. And Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) mixes these songs with kid gloves on, always allowing the delicate and childlike to come through unclouded. Emotive and beautiful, Filmezza provides a soundtrack befitting an old photo of a loved one or a cherished memory with a warmth and satisfaction returning the ears to a sense of wonder.



CD detritus = origin (ad noiseam) 

Detritus's second album, a splendid combination of clean and powerful drum'n'bass, deep strings and emotion-ridden melodies. Brilliantly produced, this album is a perfect combination of beauty and musical talent, of human feeling and driven beats. One doesn't get very often an album which is satisfying both for the head, at home, and the feet, on the dancefloor. Features remixes by Mothboy and Mad E.P.


CD duozero = esperanto (small voices)

Duozero builds its own philosophy out of whatever is unprogrammed. Organicity insinuates itself between digital data that prostitute themselves to analogic, Duozero’s ear is trained to catch all the micronoises, faxes’, modems’, computers’ glitches. Upon these drifting hardware symphonies, echoes kraut rock, musique concréte, free jazz, warped sinusoids, freakadelicsand cosmic abstractions land softly and mix with each other. The first album “no programma 1999/2000” is released in september 2000 on the Snowdonia label: it gets rave reviews and it is followed by a series of presentation concerts. Then there is the participation to two chapters of the series “illicit sounds of maffia” (a compilation with contributions coming from italian and international artists gravitating around Maffia Club). Duozero goes in stand-by mode until 2004 when the next release is announced. “Esperanto” is the title of the new work that will be available in the first months of 2005, released by Small Voices. The album will be preceded by a single with a remix by Tim Motzer, guitarist known for his collaborations with Ursula Rucker, King Britt and other names of the new philly sound, as well as for several singles for cult label Ovation. “Esperanto” is a further sonic challenge, focused on words, language and communication. This explains the wide use of texts, spoken materials and readings in several languages, that find their space within sonic environments made up by field recordings, electronic sounds and deep rhythms. The verbal interventions are by several guests among which are Massimo Zamboni (cccp, csi), writer Davide Bregola and actors Gabriele Tesauri e Marco Valerio Amico, Milo Sepic e Alessia. From the no-programme manifesto we get to a greater digital component, to a surgical dissection of sonic cells. Phonetic poetry, automatic writing, cut-up. Utopia.



CDep EBOLA - 'Mutant Dubstep vol.1' (spectraliquid)

Ben Hudson aka EBOLA, founding member of the Brighton-based Wrong Music crew offers the first EP in the Mutant Dubstep series. Ebola has performed his explosive dancefloor set alongside the likes of Venetian Snares, The Bug, Scorn and many more. Releasing on labels like Mutant Sniper, Sublight, Noize:tek and Wrong Music his "broken" musical style is varied, with definite grime, dubstep, gabba and breakcore influences... NOW Available from Spectraliquid is this EP by Ebola, consisting of 2 new tracks + 2 remixes by End.user and Shitmat. This is the first release out of 4 in total of the "MUTANT DUBSTEP" series.



CD efficient refineries = epinervio (menstrual recordings) 

Efficient Refineries founded in 1995 by Miguel A. Ruiz from Spain and Siegmar Fricke from Germany (both active in the electronic sector since the 80's) is the clear audio-definition of pharmacoustic industronics. After various private CD-releases the CD "EPINERVIO" involves the complete spectrum of their excessive electro-experiments within the last decade. Syncopated rhythm-constructions, medical filtered ambiences, clinical pulses, digital distortions and manipulations of analogue material characterize the neurolytic sound of meccano-clinical autorhythmatics. Edition of 300 hand numbered copies in jewel case.


    CD Enfusion "Outermission" (Funkwelten)

Enfusion is a new act for me, but one of the bandmmebers, Torben SChmidt, isn’t. He is better known for the EBM band Lights of Euphoria. In this project he is assisted by Alfred Gregl, who also made music as Aqualite, of whom I remember the trancy hit ‘Wavemaker’. Just as the previous two releases on Funkwelten (For a Space and Echorausch) this album also is a re-release, originally it appeared under the name ‘Xylon’. “Outermission” comes in a nice minimal and modern looking digipack. Perhaps not surprising is that Enfusion treats us to tranquil instrumental electronic music. The sound is very spacious and spacy. Soft electronic layers and subtle beats never become very obtrusive. The individual songs don’t stay in my head for a long time, but the album as a whole is pleasant ambient chill out music. At times I have to think a bit of floating new age or retro synthesizer greatests’ like Jean Michel Jarre. Everything is very light and polished. But still suited background music while you’re working, reading. Or lounging, Enfusion would not be out of place in a trendy lounge bar or a .



CD For a Space "Secrets Behind" (funkwelten)

This album was originally released in 1998 in a limited CD-R edition, but on public demand they’ve decided to re-release it. In my opinion “Secrets behind” presents an ambient soundtrack to your daily life. It starts up with a song called “Bellism”, which is a real slow-motion moving song perfect for tough mornings. On the next song “Borrowed thing” you hear sampled sounds of rain, an echoing piano and pounding drums, and that is something I’d like to symbolise as your walk to the bus, subway or whatever your transportation in the mornings are. The trip continues with “Holoism” and with its heart beating bass line it symbolises when you’re entering your office. It’s filled with anger and it definitely gives you a feeling that you do not want to be there at all. After a few minutes the drums help the heart beating bass line with the hammering and you definitely don’t want to be seen. As you enter your room “Overthrow” starts. You see all the things at your desk that has to be done, and it’s something you have to do so you take care of it as soon as possible. This is a really good song with samples, strings and it really gives you the energy rush that you need for today. After working a couple of hours there’s definitely a need for a coffee break. At that time “Aimless” comes in the picture. The song symbolise the calmness in the break and that you can do whatever you want to for ten minutes. “Battle of Planet X” is the moment after the break. You get into the fight with the papers or the other problems you might encounter this morning at work and with this it is over. For a Space gives you a perfect album. I’d say that this is one of the better albums I’ve heard in this genre and it sometimes gives you a feeling of In the Nursery in their calm moments. Maybe my metaphor gives you an idea of what the album is all about. As with a lot of other ambient albums it starts slow and moves on easy, but still getting forward. Excellent job! /Anders Larsson



CDep HOH: we can work it out (Zang)

HOH clearly proves to be a man of today with a firm grasp on tradition and a finely tuned ear for cutting edge electronica. On this brand new EP “We can work it out”, he deals his deck of cards well, with 2 originals and 3 remixes by other electro-wizards, he takes home a full house and then some"


CDep H O H: water/teeth (Zang)

The five tracks on this lengthy mini CD (or perhaps a rather short full length twenty-five minutes) all dwell heavily on the use of the sampler. Slicing up vocals, guitars, rhythms, the end result is quite forceful electronic music much alike EBM, but with a nicer twist, such as the lounge like 'Water' or the glitchy 'Teeth'. (FdW. Vital Weekly)


CD-R ILI - "Ask me: what is it ?"(dars record)

Oleg Semenovyh was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia. he began engaging seriously in music in 1987 when joining the group "tehnika bezopasnosti" (which means literally "the safety precautions" or just TB) as the guitar player and the author of the band's lyrics. The group played psychedelic guitar music and produced a number of albums. from 1992 to 1994 he worked as a solo artist using his real name oleg semenovyh. since 2003 he has been experimenting with electronic music using the pseudonym ILI and aljon. Oleg does music under a name aljon therefore there is an album which has left on Portuguese enoughrecords, and subsequently as I L I, lets out a little EP in German tonAtom, enoughrecords, EP with Bulgarian musician Sector in camomille, participates in compilations on dars records and tribute to COIL "In memoriam Jhonn Balance” (fulldozer and nocharizma labels) … The Album " Ask me: what is it? " Includes the tracks written during 2004-2005. ILI plays at the South-Ural festivals of electronic music Electroline (Chelyabinsk) and I.D.M.ology festival in Ekaterinburg together with other actors of a label: Nightech, Neotnas, Aa1, CellarDoor. Nomination of the musical newspaper "BlokNot" - the Best electronic project in Chelyabinsk of year 2005. “Oleg Semenovyh, aka ILI, confirms the superiority in the field of electronic music of city not casually. It not simply leader of unique label Dars Records and the operating musician. It for today, perhaps, the most talented and original representative electronic music of Chelyabinsk. At all present variety of projects on a local experimental stage ILI - the unique person who can be named with all boldness worthy ranks of the project of year. Album ILI – “Ask me: what is it”, which has released on Dars records, really, is fine. ”



CD katzo = disposition (silentes)

minimal techno/ambient techno/Kompakt, chain reaction style/A (nearly) 70 minute flux of dynamic/driving programmed rhythmic sequences, bass lines, and pulsing grooves... meshed into each other, then infused with microsounds. KATZO is a Japanese project by Katsuya Urushizaki. This is 'on the go' ultra high-tech electronic music... great for listening while on the move, or as a 'night dub soundtrack' for your deepest dreams.




CD Various Artists - “Dissolution Tapes”(zeromoon)

Lets face it, most compilations suck, are filled with half-assed throw away tracks by name artists and filler by unknowns reinventing the wheel for the umpteenth time. This is were Dissolution Tapes differs. In order to maintain a stylistic consistency of music and challenge the contributors, musical themes recorded by Normal Music’s secret alter ego, The MCE, were given to every participant. Its sort of a remix CD but beyond that in how attention was paid to the overall disk in terms of flow and composition creating a unified release of new and challenging music. Artists include: Cornucopia, Alexei Borisov, Anton Nikkila, Freiband, Ultra Milkmaids, Violet, Jacob Kirkegaard, Maja Ratkje, Kotra, Dead Letters, Andrey Kiritchenko, Das Torpedoes, Michael Gendreau, R.R. Habarc, Francisco Lopez, Rechord, Fe-Mail.





CD Andrey Kiritchenko - “Bees & Honey”(zeromoon)

Five tracks by Andrey Kiritchenko, followed by remixes from Brian Lavelle, Marcus Maeder, Scanner, 833-45, Kotra, Violet, The Moglass, Kim Cascone, Cray, Freiband. zero003.

“Kiritchenko’s work is spacious and alluring without lapsing into blissed out blandness, the roughness of its surfaces complementing rather than compromising its soft centre.” - Wire

“Kiritchenko has a unique, glitchy approach to electronic music that is quite peaceful and ambient, though far from commonly accessible. Elements of Fennesz, Farmers Manual, and the more experimental side of Pluramon all reside in his unique sound…Bees & Honey is a very satisfying experimental electronic release. Recommended.” - Indieville



LP Bill Laswell vs Submerged: Brutal Calling (Karl records)

The first collaboration of legendary producer & bass player Bill Laswell (Material, Praxis, Painkiller and countless many more projects) and drum&bass-producer Submerged (OHM Resistance) brings together the mighty bass of Laswell in all his virtuoso aspects and the nervous breakcore-patterns of Submerged. This angry and aggressive album was conceived as reaction to the terror attacks of 9/11 what explains the dark atmosphere on the album, which is perfectly reflected by the new artwork for the vinyl created by longtime Laswellian John Brown. Originally released 2004 on John Zorn´s AVANT-label in Japan only, this vinyl-only release is limited to 1,000 LPs worldwide.



CD Bill Laswell & Fanu = Lodge (Karlrecords)

Lodge definitely deserves a mention, i googled and it's hard to find something about the album. This is instrumental ambiant music featuring incredible Bill Laswell from underground music scene. While listening to it, you feel guilty, mystery and comfort. This is accurate that Lodge is perfect like any other Laswell collection. If you want to find one of the best night themes, then you should listen to Transfer Code. Astounding! For more info Fanu & Bill Laswell, Lodge (Karlrecords)



CD lith = gaia (brume rec.)

(industrial electronica/ Mixing aesthetical soundscapes, tribal and trance elements, distorted noises, fast break beats and powerful industrial rhythms in the vein of Somatic Responses, Antigen Shift or Iszoloscope.)



CD-R milipop = smile (etalabel)

Music that is composed by Milipop is nice, delightful, harmonic in click'n'cut style. The major part in music play all melodies, which lead the listener into a soft state of oblivion. Emotions, who are meandering in recesses, inflame the memories of a last spring and blooming flowers.


CD Minizza = music for girls (brocoli)

Debut album by the "new french wonders" MINIZZA, following their acclaimed collaboration with ERLEND ØYE (half of the acoustic duo KINGS OF CONVENIENCE). Music for girls is a unique crossover between pop, industrial, cold-wave, musique concrete, as well as bossa nova, funk and rock! Featuring EDWARD KA-SPEL, the charismatic leader of the LEGENDARY PINK DOTS; french rocker ERIK ARNAUD (Labels France).






CDep MOBTHROW - 'Mutant Dubstep vol.3' (spectraliquid)

Known for his explosive live performances in a respectful number of underground, breathtaking shows, Mobthrow has managed to create a unique blend of industrial harshness along with deep sounds and noise textures. Straight from the underground, wisely turning dubstep into breakstep, Mobthrow bridles upbeat breaks and twisted bass frequencies, in a unique combination of raw power and dark atmospheres. Even though tags are useless when such ceaseless beauty flows throughout this ultra-heavy explosion, new-jazz, techno, ambient, IDM, amen breaks and tons of bass are only some of the directions, in which Mobthrow unfolds his stunning technique.



CD-R Modul - Lo-Middle Lack (Dars records)

Life always has that knack of throwing some surprises on you. When I saw the child like artwork on the cover of this album I drew a heavy sigh and hit play. "Lo-Middle Lack", has certain immediacy. Glitch and subtle IDM references came to the front straight away and stopped me in my tracks. Pleasant electronic chimes flitter round your head and charm their way into your heart that simply by track two had me smiling and feeling content and warm. There is a playful infancy to this whole release that is endearing and its hard to deny that Modul drag you in and make you feel like a kid again. The base music isn't rocket science in itself, but the programming has been approached with hidden professionalism that manages to sneak in there for a second before you think this has been ham fistedly written. In fact there is a certain art to this and Modul come off best, and there is no denying just how clever this bunch are in the grand scheme of things all IDM. With a CD that just has about everything electronic thrown at it bar the kitchen sick, it was wonderful to hear playful jazz and almost ore school computer sounding works on here as well. All the correct ingredients have been mustered up and left to simmer on a low temperature, producing a wonderful menu of delightful, happy sounds that make a huge change from the miserable depressing numbers that many of the artists in this scene opt for, just to surprise you now and again with massively emotional numbers before playing 'tag' with you again. A wonderful, joyously beautiful, happy release, that is like a breath of fresh air. (connexion bizarre)



CD Various Artists - "Music of Deneb.2099" (dars records)

Deneb - very bright a star in constellation of the Swan which under the form reminds a cross extended along a silvery strip the Milky Way. On nature Deneb - the star - giant of the white color appropriate to temperature of a surface about 10 000 To. It radiates in 6000 times more energy, than our Sun, his diameter in 35 times more, than at the Sun. This is just the second release by the up and coming Chelyabinsk’s Dars Records, but it already promises good things to come. They’ve managed to attract several renowned Russian electronica names, along with undiscovered and lesser known talent. This album offers an overview of the current Eastern European electronic scene that is well alive and clicking. The CD kicks off with Parable - spacey minimal piece by Andrey Kiritchenko, the Ukrainian artist known for his releases on Ad Noiseam and running his own label Nexsound. This is followed by EU’s beautiful mutation named Turn, with light melodic bells coming out of the darkness and bringing peace and harmony. The same dreamy mood carries on into the next track by Clapan, young and promising artist from Krasnodar. Then Fizzarum follow with their masterful manipulation of sounds and rhythms. Things become more aggressive and distorted with ILI’s Soft Denebing - postindustrial factory in action. It’s hard to ignore a single piece of this CD – all the tracks are very special provoking a range of emotions and feelings. Music of Deneb.2099 is a solid collection filled with quality tracks from old trusted names, as well as offering a good opportunity to explore new artists who’ll form the digital landscape of tomorrow.



CD Muslimgauze "Species of fishes" (Tourette)

Remixé par Muslimgauze/Très différent des autres albums  et du coup plutôt intéressant/Electronique minimale entre l'esprit "raster noton" et la scène électronique dub berlinoise.

Bryn [Jones] took 2 different albums of Species of Fishes to create this album. Because this is a remix, we get some different sounds than usual for a Muslimgauze release, which is nice! There are still occasional Arabic voices, and overall this release has a pleasant sound to it overall, not as challenging as some Muslimgauze can be, but there are still spots that make you take hold, like, wow, what an ear piercing first song! This looped whistle gets into your head and makes the world a different place. Dubby sounds on track 2 with the trademark dropouts of Muslimgauze. There are other tracks with sharp sounds, but they arent distorted like on some other releases - just the sharp without the static. This is a cool release for Muslimgauze. Some are take it or leave it, but this one is worth hearing. [EAR/Rational] Previously released in 1999 on Species Of Fishes (FCD 01). The original tracks from Species Of Fishes albums "Songs Of A Dumb World" and "Trip Trap" were used for this remix project. All remixes, summer/autumn 1998.



CD My life in an insulation test/V.A (electr-ohm)    

 01 : salvation / P.A.L (de) 4:19 02 : Iron Ape / dDAMAGE (fr) 3:45 03 : par amour / SONIC AREA (fr) 3:49 04 : A Second Between What Is and What Was / Uniform (uk) 3:28 05 : Alexander / Ananda Jacobs (us/jp) 6:47 06 : Vocal Impulse Test / Lagowski (uk) 4:28 07 : Depths to Minamo 2 / Saburo HIRANO (jp) 4:30 08 : crow / urbanshaman S.T.T. (jp) 3:56 09 : dim /knr (jp) 3:40 10 : Choto baca / N-rgle (be) 2:40 11 : ProtoCORE_Re:make! / mushituro (jp) 5:19 12 : Dot Cott / VD (jp) 3:23 13 : Google Man Ver1.0 / DARUIN (jp) 4:03 14 : Fisheries / Sunao Inami (jp) 4:22 15 : Into the Night Side of Nature. / Germseed (uk) 5:03 16 : A Phantom Conception (Half Life) remix by Loran C / After Birth (uk/jp) 5:50

the label, "electr-ohm" and " appliance japan" collaborated this compilation. 16 artists from 6 countries with sounds ranging from rhythmic noise to dark ambient and IDM sonic experimentation.



CD-R Neotnas - "Spak deti" DR09 (dars records)

Neotnas - the project investigating sides of various electronic music which consists of three musicians. Without «Neotnas» any large festival of independent music in Urals area does not manage: «Electroline» (Chelyabinsk), «Ship of Freedom» (Chelyabinsk), «I.D.M.ology» (Ekaterinburg), and thematic parties in club «Garage Underground». The group is actively engaged in live performances and studio work, but besides it, participates in various interesting media projects: music to performances "Returning", " White dance " (theatre-studio " Aritmia ", 2006), music to performance " Sports for idiots " (studio " Dummy ", 2006), new soundtrack to the first film of horrors "Cabinet of doctor Kaligari"" Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari " (dir. R.Vine, Germany, 1919) within the limits of the project "Electrotheatre". Neotnas was already featured on compilations «Slavosonic», «Space will be ours!», and the long-awaited debut album “Spak deti”, including the best tracks of the period 2004-2006 now follows. The name of an album “Spak deti” deeply symbolically also unites emotional sources and symbols, clear only to authors, however the word “deti” (russian for "children"), in our opinion, answers in it for the most "speaking" component of an album. A seeming simplicity of melodies, naivety, childishness borders with ideally worked post-IDM passages; the minimalism adjoins to deep sadly-nostalgic electronics. “Spak deti” is a string which will strongly connect your head, headphones and heart.




CD Off The Sky : the geist cycles (databloem)

Off The Sky returns with a fascinating set of experimental ambiances, acoustic and glitchy rhythmic excusions The geist cycles project began as a series of live sonic collaborations via Lexington (KY, USA) artists interacting to interpret an idea of life in transit to afterlife. The takes were later studio swept and fabricated with various piano arrangements and custom rhythmic texture. After repeated post-studio live performances, the tracks evolved into their current iteration



CD Press - The Fine Art of a White Label (Lens Records)

On Press’s debut you'll hear an artist picking up where much of the breakthrough electronica of the decade past has left off. Listening to this disc, you can forget about the bedroom musician and the latest software we're all mad about. Unlike many recent Electronic releases, Press has a way, of melding and crafting a multitude of samples, live instrumentation, a well-used drumkit, softsynths, hardware synths, voices, and who knows what else into some of the most exciting electronically processed audio collages you're likely to hear. Audiences and DJs have been exclaiming "Groundbreaking", "Leftfield meets Underworld" & "Blew my clubs roof off!" This one won't disappoint. Enjoy!



LP PRINCE CHARMING "Lapis Lazuli" (Karlrecords)

Ingredients such as dub, exotica, ragtime, breakbeat, oriental, cinematic soundtrack, blues, classical, latin, psychedelic, afro-jazz, field recordings and science fiction make PRINCE CHARMING’s first album on Karlrecords a sure candidate for our summer heavy rotation. (* short version)

Rigobert Dittmann in BAD ALCHEMY #62: „ ... the „experimental love phylogenesis“ of the Prince mesmerises the senses with dub versions of horror, the perfume of western, an aftertaste of adventures in illbient spaces …”

„ …imaginary soundtracks for B-movie-trips into interzones, enchanted islands, lost worlds and forbidden planets …”



CD PureH, "Signia" (pharmaFabrik )

Written by Creaig Dunton   
Sunday, 06 January 2008

Although ostensibly a remix album, there is no need to be familiar with the source material to enjoy the remix work here.  From what I gather, PureH are a successful electronic rock band out of Slovenia who invited a slew of electronic artists to rework a single track, "Signia."  Not being familiar with the original track, I purposely avoided listening to the initial song to fully appreciate the remixes, which all vary greatly and, as a whole, make for strong, diverse tracks.

"Hailing from Slovania, the members of Pureh have been already involved in numerous projects. The ?Signia?-cd features remixes from the ?Anadonia?-album. The remixes have been done by artists like Burp, Chris Wood, DJ Surgeon, KK Null ao. I?ve to admit that I?m not familiar at all with the band neither with the remixers. The remixes are quite diversified so it?s really difficult to imagine the original sound and style of Pureh. I like the cold and groovy opening ?Vision Rising?-cut remixed by Eraldo Bernocchi and the heavier and industrial sounding ?Enslaved Population? remixed by DJ Surgeon. The 2nd part of the album reveals another industrial-inspired remix of the ?Inside Magog?-track by Burp. A few other remixes are more in the experimental vein, but a minimal and personal form of industrial rules of the majority of the songs"

                                                                                     (side line)




CD-R Rachmiel - "Vortex Engine" (Dars Records)

Vortex Engine, storms 'n' swirl from avant electroniste composer, sound designer, Reaktor builder, and friend to experimental musicians worldwide: rachMiel.16 works of complex post-IDM elegance that explore extremes: sparse/dense, random/ordered, dissonant/consonant, melodic/noise-driven, chaotic/grooved. The sensibility of post-WWII Euro avant garde (Stockhausen, et al) enfolded into the world of electronica. Vortex Engine is not 'easy' music. It is challenging, boundary-pushing, even at times disturbing. (The piece MRI is composed of recordings made inside MRI machines.) But rachMiel is a performer and never loses sight of the desire to entertain his audience. Adventurous listeners will find vast sonic pleasure in Vortex Engine, and perhaps even a ticket to new planes of musical consciousness.



CD MIGUEL A.RUIZ & BARDOSENETICCUBE "Exclusion zone" (Aquarellist)

A collaboration work of Spanish musician Miguel A. Ruiz (Orpheon Gagarin, Efficient Refineries, etc.) and Russian project Bardoseneticcube. Dangerous zones of sonic landscapes painted with the help of analogue synths and sequences, all sorts of samples, vinyl records and even folk instruments (percussion, gusli, penny whistles and pipes). Schizophrenically twisted ambiental collage of the fragments of the modern soundsphere. Rhythmic excursions into contaminated areas. Industrial psychedelia.

CD, limited edition of 500 in digisleeve


CD Sgnl_fltr : chrono (Databloem)

SGNL_FLTR, Danny Kreuzfeldt's minimal techno project, finally comes with a new album as the follow up to SGNL-FLTR's great debut album Vebra. Chrono even goes a step beyond Vebra. The rhythms can be called minimal, but then enriched with soundscapes, clicks + noises. For those who find minimal too boring and prefer more adventurous rhythmic excursions Danny is a hero...."


CD Slavosonic = V/A (dars records)

Slavic national music, folk, modern folk arts, experimental, post-IDM, electronic music compilation. Mombus, Stud feat NetLenka, Volga - NN Kikkoman remix, ILI feat Volyushka, Indu Mezu, Ethnica music project feat Mox, Elif Linx, Nightech, Cellardoor, Lazyfish, Zavoloka, Clapan, Koordinate of wonders, Neotnas, Matsutake, RachMiel, Framewatcher, Aa1, Nole Plastique.


CD STUD - "LSAD" (dars record)

Dars records are proud to present the new album of STUD - LSAD. Alexey Devjanin's creativity has many sides and goes far beyond any directions and styles. Some tracks on this album were featured on various compilations: “sunset variations” on VA - IDM ZOOM [Dars records], “mauvaise honte” on VA-For Sale - [V135 rec]. It is a mix of very intelligent electronics, IDM with extremely individual sound: unusual melodies and thinly tied harmonic constructions. His work with multi dimensional spaces is simply breathtaking and invites you to experience these sounds again and again. Despite the black and white cover, this music is extremely colourful, breathing by making strange and bizarre movements. Refinement and graceful fragility mixed with careful drum programming, and organically woven samples of Russian speech. In a way, LSAD concludes the current stage of STUD’s creativity, which will undoubtedly leave a bright trace in independent musical community. LSAD is a solid IDM album, and you can definitely feel that Alexey is not a novice in the world of electronica. Those who closely followed his work might recognise a few tracks from his demos and it’s a real pleasure to finally hear all that material compiled as a finished and mature album. First thing you notice is Stud’s crafty work in audio space - all the sounds and patterns are arranged like blocks in a 3D game. For the most part, the album is rather sad and even dark, due to the prevailing melancholic melodies and scary ambient pads (Mauvaise Honte, Novapt). At some points the music becomes more positive and reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s childish nostalgia (Sunset Variations). Most of the tracks are based on deep ambient atmospheres surrounded by complicated IDM rhythms, sometimes melodic, sometimes minimal, but always emotional and touching, uncovering new details every time. Good music for deep thinking, soul-searching, or even crying.



CD Ulna = Frcture (Karlrecords)

You don’t need a degree in rocket science to determine the relative niche character of experimental electronica. Whether in a club or at home, most people want music to be about drama, dialogue and interaction – and most laptop artists simply aren’t offering any of it. In a highly competitive environment, Italian duo Ulna therefore certainly hold an important advantage over some of their colleagues: “frctre” is as eloquent as Drum n Bass, as cool as IDM, as insistent and emotional as Rock, as spacey as Ambient - and as vividly organic as all of them bunched together. In a way, this convergence of styles into a single, sexy and subversive sound is a red thread in the catalogue of Karlrecords, whose previous release by Fanu and Bill Laswell already roamed the intersection between Breakbeat and Fusion Jazz. While there is a clear preference of rhythm and texture above melody and harmonic development on “frctrue” as well, the album’s stuttering forward propulsion and weightless airpads turn it into a both more uplifting and eccentric proposition. At times, the warm bass lines and dreamy chords seem to be buildups to electronic pop songs, but then their development becomes textural, the beats take over and pieces drift off into a hazy heaven. This is not a political stance against repetition or routine, but a technique motivated by spontaneous decisions. The duo lovingly waters the fragile sonic plants, sizzling acoustic highwires and translucent atmospheres leading into “SMLL PRTS RECOLLECTED”, but gladly throws away the ewer barely seconds later, engaging in an irresistible groove gently penetrated by swelling layers of tonal clouds. “RECMPSNG THE FRCTRE” evokes nostalgic memories of Tangerine Dream’s more playful Sequencer runs, but breaks down half-way, recomposing the piece from a state of stasis. Grand finale “CLD SNDY EVENING” even moves from dense, crackling morse code-abstractions to the cluttering echoes of a Dubchamber and a yearning Ambient conclusion over the course of its eleven minute duration. Seagues between these different passages are never completely seamless but always smooth, never disrupting a texture for the sake of a cheap shock effect. On other occasions, meanwhile, Ulna show themselves perfectly capable of holding a mood, discreetly attending to details. Determined and grim opener “BLCK CRSS SHDE”, for example, is nothing but an industrially distorted bass line growing in volume and depth, “FTERHR MLDY” a vibraphonic vision disturbed by nervous percussion spasms and “LNDN LVS N” an oriental bazarre featuring Andrea Serrapiglio’s cinematically transfigured Cello. There are different ways to be “contemporary” or “up to date”, but Ulna have certainly chosen one of the most honest trajectories. Unperturbed by terms like “Crossover” or crude talk of progress, they have incorporated the eclecticism and multipolarity of the 21st century into their music simply because it mirrors their personalities and suits their flexible and funky arrangements. Their music moves swiftly and intuitively, avoiding the mechanical mantra of repetition and replacing it with a ceaseless energy flow: These are full-fledged jams by laptop artists, who have made their powerbooks their instruments. By Tobias Fischer




CD V./Ultra Milkmaids - “Drone+Unease”(zeromoon)

The ultra milkmaids from France meet v. from Washington DC and give birth to a mutant baby quite unlike either of its parents. Abstract, dense music that you can hum and that will swirl around in your head. zero001.

“Each of the seven tracks featured here offers a unique and immensely engaging sound environment. …it has proven to be a recording that reveals its secrets slowly and with careful listening. Recommended.” - Incursion



CD Violet+Alexei Borisov+Michael Gendreau - “Bogatiri”(zeromoon)

Three masters of intelligent noise music present 3 compositions by each of the artists. Recorded live in various cities in Russia. zero006. $10.00“Violet’s track is a warm, mesmerizing ambient tune has been slightly distorted and lots of tiny crackles can be heard, larded with the fine-tuned sound of a stuck CD. An excellent piece ending a just as good album. ” -Phosphor“Organic and sensual, raw and bent.” -Igloo . “as close as underground / experimental / noise will ever get to a monsters of rock-like show” -Cracked



CD zonk't = itching (brume rec.)

With "Itching", Zonk't preserves his "touch" : relentless groove, a low and hypnotic bass, often a complex rhythmic architecture getting close to electronic industrial dub. Much more direct tracks, less dark but always very nocturnal where the laptop electronica takes over. One would think of click and cuts minimalist movement; not only with the microscopic precision of the rhythmic compositions, but also with its work on the sound and of its spatialization, but escapes its hermetism and offers a much more sensual version. One thinks of Plastikman after a training course with Techno Animal, Scorn or Pan Sonic.



CD Zoom Music = Compilation of russian IDM music (dars records)

IDM\Electronic compilation was the debut release for Dars Records. The title gives a good clue about the essence of this CD. Clapan, Nightech, Aljon, Genius Sponge, Stud, ILI, Supremus Plastice, Randomajestiq, 9th life, Makmuz. Not absolutely "IDM", not absolutely intelligent, not at all dance.. Most correctly - Intelligent Dars Music.