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CD AU "Verbs" (Aagoo Records)

It's flanked at one of its ends by the blissful bombast of a 20-plus person vocal chorus, and concludes some forty minutes later in the hushed strains of a wistful lullaby. Between these disparate bookends lies the staggering aesthetic expanse ofVerbs—the sophomore record from acclaimed Portland, OR. experimental pop collective Au—which, in its swirling depths and subtleties, promises to be one of this year's most satisfying surprises. In the year's time since last leaving off with his self-titled, beautifully accomplished debut, Au (pronounced 'ay you') architect Luke Wyland has made tremendous strides beyond the warmly retiring sensibilities that marked so much of Au—stepping (wisely) outward, and into the less insular confines of community. In practical terms, this mostly meant acquiring a proper band—the core of which consisting of mutual multi-instrumentalists Johnathan Sielaff and Mark Kaylor—but in a vaguer sense, it meant opening up to Portland's considerable creative resources. Consequently, Verbs is padded out with contributions from nearly thirty collaborators, a list which includes featured vocalists Sarah Winchester (track 6; of Team Love recording artists A Weather) and Becky Dawson (tracks 2 and 4; of Ah Holly Fam'ly, Saw Whet), as well as members of Yellow Swans, Parenthetical Girls, and Evolutionary Jass Band, among many others—inadvertently resulting in a strange and singular snapshot of a very particular corner of the city's famously sprawling musical community. The resulting record—recorded over three days at Portland's Type Foundry Studios and finished over a subsequent two-month period in Wyland's own attic studio—seamlessly segues through new and unlikely ecstatic extremes with an arresting economy. Breakout Pop jams like "RR vs. D" rub shoulders comfortably with retreating meditations ("Two Seasons", "Summer Heat")—the record's several distinct movements working at once with more autonomy and cohesion—with arrangements that stretch in longhand across the album's length. Verbs is the elated realization of those many asymmetrical pop diamonds that shone so brightly throughout Au's artful debut (whose warm, Appalachia-informed gems found many favorable comparisons to the far-reaching likes of Arnold Dreyblatt, Animal Collective, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Grizzly Bear)—its many swift and unexpected evolutions shepherded confidently by Wyland's competent, classically-trained hand. As surprising as it is immediate, Verbs is infused with all of the earnest and palpable joy of its creation—the delightfully enveloping whole of which demands to be heard.



CD Brian and Chris (Dielectric)

Electronica for rock fans, positioned firmly in pop foundations but glossed up with synthesized beats and studio wizardry. Impressive stuff." - Matt Shimmer, indieville.com


2LP CIRCLE "Triumph" (Fourth dimension)

Yet another vinyl-only release by Finland’s finest export for Fourth Dimension, following an affiliation that takes in the now o/p Arkades LP and equally almost sold out 2CD reissue of it and, indeed, goes back to  1995, when we released a (now rare/collectable) 7”, ‘Ghatarian’.  As with the original Arkades LP, this release gathers recordings for a session at WFMU, this time recorded during their second US tour and captured live on the 25th September 2007.  Spread over the four sides are the six cuts which made up Circle’s second session for WFMU, once more capturing the self-proclaimed New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal outfit proving themselves to be almost everything but ‘Heavy Metal’ despite possessing the only too apparent ability to compete with the best amongst that world. Taking in operatic vocals, unearthly mulch, psychedelic splurge, nods towards folk and krautrock, and mammoth riffs capable of knocking down nearby buildings, avant-rock has rarely arrived both so potent and in dire need of a straitjacket before. The New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal is positively bursting with ideas like nothing else.



2CD CIRCLE 'Arkades' (fourth dimension) 

Reissue of last year's practically sold out LP (also on Fourth Dimension), plus an extra disc featuring a live concert recording. You know you need it.
Following around ten years since their last (and only) release for Fourth Dimension (the now o/p 'Ghatarian' 7", already noted), this apocalyptic Finnish avant-metal/improv./folk/Neu-Prog group return with a special live radio session recorded for WFMU during their October 2005 US tour. Possibly one of their best, most blissed-out, records yet. Two side-long tracks wrapped in a Spaghetti Western sleeve. Perfect. And not a Kiss or Judas Priest homage in sight! This has been available since mid-March 2006 and is selling fast. Between Fourth Dimension Records and our distributor, Cargo Records, only a handful of copies now remain. However, please note the news near the foot of this section concerning a possible CD version being made available in the near enough future. "I will admit that my interest in Circle has been marred w/doubts 'n pain through the yrs.




The musicians are in their places, ready to start. Each of them has already checked his instrument and is only waiting for the ok signal to begin with the recording. Everything seems normal, but it isn’t.No one knows what is going to happen, it will be music itself to decide its own destiny. Zufall3177 brought together 24 musicians from Rome who do not usually play together in a 4 days recording session, inciting them to musical collaboration, in order to make grow a so-called musical scene of the Capital. "Coincidenza" is neither a band nor a compilation; it is a "collective album" unique in its kind, which was casually born: most of the participants hadn’t met before, but had been operating for years in a common musical field. The line-ups, generated by the empathy of the moment, gave life to pieces which, starting from the common ground of the improvisation, expatiated from free to concrete, rock, electronic and minimalistic.



2CD Damn! - freiStil-samplerin #1"V/A" (Chmafu records)

Cordula Bösze Angélica Castelló Judith Unterpertinger Elisabeth Flunger Petra Stump Carla Kihlstedt Katharina Klement Susanna Gartmayer Ilse Riedler Manon Liu Winter Maria Frodl

Damned ties! The patriarchy, even in its cultural expressions, is dominated by male societies. In music, this is by no means confined to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now with the younger generation the glass ceiling is starting to crack, in particular in the fields of electronic music, contemporary composition and improvisation, and to a lesser extent in jazz and rock music. But even these categorisations become increasingly redundant, as social background or mental and political environments become more important – especially now, since the creation of an open society as practised in improvised music with all available means is no longer the issue anymore. In the face of “Me PLCs” and the dumbing down of the masses our dissident appetite for enlightenment, empowerment and critique continues to grow.



2CD FAUST 'Live in Krakow' (lumberton trading company)

Joint-released with Poland's Audiotong and capturing the legendary German group's debut in Poland on 15 November 2006. Professionally recorded, this album captures the band on absolutely perfect form and illustrating very clearly that they enjoyed the performance as much as the audience. Improvised workouts of some of their classics combine with material now to be found on their current studio album. Possibly one of their best live releases, if we say so ourselves.




CD gulls "eats and opus" (Sonic Lozenge)

this is the colossal debut of portland, or native jesse munro johnson (evolutionary jass band, owl dudes, modernstate, die bomb shelters). a static collage of shimmering bells, trumpets, and xylophones floating atop a sea of choppy field recordings, cymbals, synths, and snares. beneath the crests of the horizon - elusive deep beats approach to signify gusts of change.

an album 2 years in the making and featuring collaborations with jevon cutler, tony york (audiocrip), mike mckinnon (wet confetti), scott blais (die bomb shelters), and paul wig owl dudes). An opus proper and one to digest from



LP Jackdaw With Crowbar  "Hanging In The Balance" (Hax)

Noise rock




CDep Knitting by Twilight “heavy hearts & safe… (it's Twilight Time)

Second in an on-going series of works by this Music and Art Collective. Black Tape for a Blue Girl meets the starless and bible black King Crimson, somewhere in the Scottish highlands.


CDep Knitting By Twilight "Someone to Break the Silence" (it's Twilight Time)

Selections from the forthcoming Knitting By Twilight album, ‘An Evening Out of Town’ together with exclusive tracks.




CDep Knitting By Twiligh "riding the way back" (it's Twilight Time)

This ep is comprised mostly of material that wouldn’t, couldn’t and otherwise didn’t fit onto the previous Knitting By Twilight album, An Evening Out of Townfor mostly thematic considerations. They’re presented here in all their guitar driven and metals clanging glory. And these would be Shiver, Mik’s Glacier and Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines. They’re accompanied by an alternate version of Blue Ink for Fountain Pens, which features the blue and brooding guitar of Mike Marando, and is altogether different from the more docile mix included on the debut Knitting By Twilight album of the same name. Also included here is a minimalist version of She’s Not Here She’s Far Ahead, from the Knitting By Twilight ep “Someone to Break the Silence.” In the spirit of its reductionist treatment, it’s been titled She’s Here.



CD Knitting By Twilight " An Evening Out of Town"(it's Twilight Time)

“So this is the music accompanying one out of town for the evening. Upon hearing an advance copy of the album, I’m inclined to agree with the adage that it’s the journey somewhere, and not necessarily the arrival that contains the real adventure.“ – Daphne Dakota for it’s Twilight Time


CD Kawabata Makoto - "Tales of The Dream Planet" (Housepig)

 The mastermind behind Acid Mothers Temple (and a zillion other projects) parked his spaceship long enough to fish this cd out of his beard and give it Housepig, before closing the hatch and rocketing back into the stratosphere. What he brought back from the Dream Planet is two tracks of long, overlapping guitar drones; glacially melodic, meditative and a touch otherworldly. Curl up in your favorite dashiki, let your hair hang down, fire up some incense (or anything else) and let Kawabata spin you a tale! This cd is presented in a dvd-style clear poly case with full-color four-panel jacket, and is limited to 500 copies.


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CD Malachi / The Bastard Noise - "The Immortals" (Housepig)

Three labels, two bands, one crushing release! Each group contributes two tracks, alternating between doom-laden hardcore and deep space sonic experimentation. Malachi (featuring members of Artimus Pyle, What Happens Next? and Fuck Face) brings together a mix of crusty hardcore and unstoppable doom, all shot through with mournful cello melody. The Bastard Noise lineup of Wood, Nelson and Rauf (also responsible for the critically-lauded "Rogue Astronuat" cd) come forth with their signature oscillator-based transmissions from the void, isolated communications from beyond Alpha Centauri. This split release is brought to you by Housepig, Hear More! and 200mg, in a heavy poly sleeve with a unique shifting-color six-panel insert by Thumbprint Press



7" Metabolist "Slaves/Eulam's Beat" (Drömm/1979)


Very rare release.




CD MY CAT IS AN ALIEN/TEXT OF LIGHT: 'Cosmic Debris, Vol.I' (a silent place)

CD re-issue of the first instalment in the new "Cosmic Debris" split ART-LP series set up by Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka MY CAT IS AN ALIEN. This Volume I sees the two space brothers from Torino, Italy, alongside Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) and his all-star ensemble TEXT OF LIGHT* (here featuring Alan Licht, Dj Olive, Ulrich Krieger and Tim Barnes). Their track "033103 Paris" has been recorded live at Centre Georges Pompidou in 2003 and mixed in dual mono by Ranaldo & Licht at NYC Echo Canyon studio. MCIAA's piece entitled "Everything falls like cosmic debris" is a conceptual ouverture to the whole series, performed in April 2006 at their secret recording space called Alien Zone, located up the Italian Western Alps. The five-volumes series "Cosmic Debris" features My Cat Is An Alien alongside Text Of Light, Steve Roden, Keiji Haino, Mats Gustafsson, Loren Connors & his Haunted House band. Each CD cover artwork reproduces the full image and details of the acrylic paintings created by Roberto Opalio for each copy of the original vinyl edition on MCIAA's own Opax Records. CD comes in a digi-sleeve textured cardboard cover.







mCD the mountain = taint ep (public guilt)

A 3" CD packaged in a standard jewel-case, "The Mountain EP" finds DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS exploring a more delicate and subtle space than previous releases. The 2 man guitar and bass team, known for it's abrasive sonic attacks, take their layers of manipulated dissonance and situate them in subtle ambient landscapes. The tracks range from "36 beautiful songs" which plays like an condensed and intensified version of Fripp and Eno's "An Index of Metals." to the somber "saving grace on an 8 hour connection" which finds the group delving into more traditional melodic structures.



LP PASSIFLORA "Qualcosa Dovrebbe Cambiare"(Hax)



CD the psychic paramount = live 2002 the franco/italian tour (public guilt)

The Psychic Paramount here is a power trio in the traditional rock format (guitar, bass, drums) recorded live at performances in Paris, Lyon, Perpignan,and Napoli in Nov./Dec. of 2002. The group, going on tour less than one week after their first meeting, is captured at birth in raw immediate form. Predicating experiments with the authority of sound and primitive revival upon a rock 'n' roll platform, the music seeks to evoke a sense of urgency and a release from the banal. A document of turbulent emergency music grinding its entrance. All tracks originally recorded to cassette live using one stereo microphone.



CD the retail sectors = subject unknown (symbolic interaction)

While Symbolic Interaction's recent split disc provided a decent introduction to The Retail Sectors and Yaporigami, it offered a mere snapshot impression of the artists. The Retail Sectors' hour-long full-length Subject Unknown now rights that wrong by presenting a fuller portrait of Kyoto-based Kentaro Togawa's musical style. The album's not solely a solo effort, though, as Togawa receives remix help from guests Yaporigami (Yu Miyashita), Headphone Science (Dustin Craig), Si Begg, and Maps And Diagrams (Tim Martin): Si Begg's jaunty mix of “The First Step to End the Life” opens the album jubilantly, Maps And Diagrams imbues Togawa's guitar-based sound with subtle electronic enhancements on the too-brief waltz “The Decadence and the meditative soundscape “The Decadence,” and Headphone Science transforms “The Longing Song” into a mutant ‘post-rock' variation of a Scottish jig. Though such pieces are appealing, tracks like “The Distress” (reprised along with “The Decadence” from the split release) and “The Lonely Shy Boys Fly To Sky Again and Again” are more representative of The Retail Sectors' style; here Togawa builds up multi-layered lattices of chiming guitars over basic drum patterns and bass with the mood predominantly lyrical and melodic. Intermittent swarms of guitar buzz surface to give the music extra oomph (brace yourself for the detonation Yaporigami drops into the middle of “The Dread” and the beautiful crunch that builds in “The Story of a Girl Who Is Socially Ostracized”) but for the most part Subject Unknown is more contemplative and wistful than the post-rock norm. The album's only weakness is an occasional moment of lackluster drumming but that's hardly a crippling aspect.




CD the retail sectors = yaporigami (symbolic interaction)

Six-track split EP from The Retail Sectors (guitar-bass-drums-centered post-rock by Kentaro Togawa) and Yaporigami (post-punk by Yu Miyashita) on a new Kyoto, Japan-based label Symbolic Interaction.

Togawa's three pieces alternate between stately melodicism (the opening half of “The Distress”) and an oft-blistering rawness (the beehive swarm that slowly swells during the second half). Clean guitar lines weave gracefully in the episodic “The Dread” before the volcano erupts and the cauldron overflows, spilling lethal contents everywhere while “The Decadence” incrementally transports chiming six-string lattices to a blissful peak.

The Yaporigami material's clearly the wilder of the two: “Otogaku” approximates carnivalesque hip-hop being shredded into a thousand dirty pieces, “Zipangu” is ear-shattering gameboy breakcore, and “Yesterday” writhes for three minutes like a squealing spawn of Merzbow. Believe it or not, buried almost inaudibly under the noise lies a sing-song melody or two.



CD-R solid = the possible human (spill & ftsm)      

(experimental electronic /free improvised rock.)


CD Colin Stetson "New History Warfare Vol. 1" (Aagoo Records)

Colin Stetson’s musical voice channels John Coltrane’s sheets of sounds, as well as the post-modern beauty and angst of Sonic Youth and the Pixies. Using assorted saxophones, clarinet, flute and French horn, Stetson has played and recorded with some of today’s hottest and most revered musicians and bands including Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, TV on the Radio, Antibalas, Medeski, Martin & Wood and Burning Spear.



CD Sui (Zufall3177)

Project “Coincidenza”: Improvising musicians who haven’t before met or played together meet in various combinations to record or give concerts. The aim of the project is find, through improvisational causality, the essence of music. “Sui” is neither an album from a band nor a compilation, but rather the second “Coincidenza” project organised by the label “Zufall3177”.



CD Thinguma*jigSaw "awake in white chapel" (deserted village)

We are very excited to be releasing the Debut album from this Norwegian splatterfolk duo. Their album (awakeinwhitechapel)is out now. Two elusive, exceptional, pivotal personalities - cunningly spinning a web of flamboyant brouhahas within the idiom of their own device: charming, clever, generous, sinister splatterfolk. Splatterfolk combines elements of traditional Irish/British/American folk with contemporary art music, and spices it up with lyrical and musical components usually associated with horror films, experimental theatre and modernistic poetry. There is also an abundance of film and popcultural references. It's the new revolution within the folk music - scene of today, and you will find no finer exponents of this subversive art than Thinguma*jigSaw.



CD Trephine = s/t (public guilt)

"Purely instrumental math-rock with teeth, this plays like some rabid, Slayer-ized version of Don Cabellero...The Fucking Champs meet Mastodon... Clutch and Moe Staiano's Moe!kestra!... or something like that. These guys pull off some obtuse, angular riffage and jazzy beats but keep this firmly rooted in the HEAVY, balancing all of the abrupt shifts, propane-tank percussion, and complex shredding and abstract structures with some serious metalcore riffs, swaggering Southern sludge ,and over-all evil-sounding crunchiness." -CrucialBlast.net





CD Vennt - "Vennt" (Housepig)

A three-way summit on bleak doom and buzzing misery. Sandy Saunders (Torso), Darcy Spidle (Divorce Records) and Jordan Hines mix drums, bass, electronics and vocals into a thick morass. Vennt stakes out territory at the intersection of black metal, drone, doom and power electronics, then fortifies the barricades. US Edition, co-released with Hear More!, features a copper cover with insert in a heavy poly sleeve, and is hand-numbered and limited to 400 copies.



CD-R Wyntr Ravn Daylight Raving (Deserted village)

Behind Wyntr Ravn are Jane Austen of Avanti Maria and Currer Bells and Gavin Prior of Toymonger and United Bible Studies. Fifteen tracks can be found on their debut release 'Daylight Raving' and its mayhem time. Samples of keyboards, a bit of voice, a bit of noise, feedback, pop again, electro-acoustic collage - all recorded with a charming lo-fi sensibility. Music that doesn't sound like coming from Ireland, but more a German thing. A melting pot of styles and ideas, some worked out, some not, but with a lot of energy and speed of its own. Its less from the world of improvised and noise music, if that is what you would expect based on their background and this label, but much more electronic. Mutant disco - had that not be reserved for something else.FdW,Vital Weekly



CD Zdarr = dar 

Dar (cze, 2nd album, two accordeons + sax + percussions, another portion of excelent music called 'open accoustic fusion' = great uncommercial melodies, groovy feelings, ethno spiced) DIGIPAK CD