Laurent Pernice vs.Laurent Perrier

"Play piano and sounds"



Kinetix vs Pylône


CD sop 014


Cape Fear

"winds of the dead air"

LP sop 015


Sound On Probation 2010

Free sampler with tracks from Zonk't, Pylône, Cape Fear, Heal, Laurent Perrier. CD sop 016


Laurent Perrier

"as far as"

CD sop 010





  LP sop 011



"Beat wins you and me"

 LP sop 012



"Starting back"

 CD sop 007



 CD sop 008


"Grounded hands"

CD sop 009



"Black grains"

 CD sop 004




 CD sop 005


 Laurent Perrier


 2CD sop 006



"falling down fearless of bruises" DELETED

 CD sop 001




 CD sop 002


 Zonk't vs Electronicat


 12" sop 003